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Sun Coast Remodelers honestly are the best general contractors in San Diego! Eco-home remodeling, home repair, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions, windows, even roofing! They do it all! That’s why I was happy they called us last July, asking if we would be interested in a quote to have our house painted.  We had them come over the next day, as we really needed this work done.  From the initial contact with the designer to the final detail of our project, we were completely satisfied and delighted with Sun Coast’s work.  Their attention to detail and the pleasant attitudes of all the employees, made it a joy to work with them.  Scott Janson, President and CEO, was in constant contact with us, making sure we were satisfied every step of the way.  Sun Coast exceeded our expectations!  We truly could not be more pleased.

George and Lynn Darwin


April 27, 2012

To: Whom It May Concern,

My name is Nancy Thornell; I live at 2645 Balboa Vista Dr. San Diego, CA 92105.  On 03-26-12 your representative Dan Baker came to my house (he had been invited) to explain your product to my husband and me, because we had a need to restore the exterior of our home.  He was very courteous, friendly and well versed on your product.  Each detail well explained.  I signed the contract.  Approximately a week later Joe Horvat came, explained he was the project manager for the workers to begin work on my house from start to completion.  He detailed each step to be taken.  Joe and his workers were very professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable and experienced about their product and went above their job with precision and perfection.  My sincere thanks to your employee Joe Horvat and his outstanding workers for my beautiful home make over. 

Yours Truly, 

Nancy Thornell



The job turned out better than we imagined.  We certainly appreciate the help you provided when we were not sure of what we wanted.  You have a great team that does quality work.  Please extend our gratitude to each of them.

Thanks again,

Carol, Kim and Don Coker



Beckett Family Testimonial:

We were extremely happy and 100% satisfied with the Tex-Cote Coolwall application that Suncoast Remodeling recently applied to our home.  Their entire crew was incredibly professional at all times, and their meticulous and detailed prep work was exceptional and of the highest quality.  We even had several of our neighbors comment on the quality of the prep work that they personally witnessed during the length of our project.  And whenever any specific “detail” issues arose during the course of the project, as they always do, the crew’s response was, without exception,  “We’ll get it done exactly how you would like it done!”  We truly can’t say enough about Mark, Joe and their crew of workers, as it was truly a pleasure working with all of them all along the way.  And, finally, the end product is that our 63-year old home looks absolutely beautiful once again, it is far better insulated than it has ever been, and we won’t be worrying about having to do another paint job for a very long time now.  Our experience with Suncoast was fantastic, and we give them a huge thumbs up on a job well done… thanks!  Downie & Karen Beckett


March 22nd, 2012

To Mark Albano~

And all the crew at Sun Coast Remodelers, a hardy Thank You!!  I am so grateful that my job was carried out by your company.  The level of professionalism, skill and follow through are all deeply appreciated.  A special thanks, goes out to your Project Manager: Joe Horvat.  Joe is the first one on a job site – and the last one to leave.  His skills and stickler to details, are unparalleled.  One of the benefits to your company, is you have a great Front Man.  Mark Albano, is the kind of salesman that you know youll be happy with.  I like the fact that he didn’t pressure me with trying to close a deal on our very first meeting.  Moreover, he served to educate me on the various options and in doing so, he exercised tremendous generosity and time.

Job Well Done Guys,

Jim Debus


Hi Mark – 

Just a note to tell you how very pleased I am with my “new” house!  The texture coating Sun Coast applied changed my home from blah to WOW! I rate it a 10!

• Barbara Roth


Sun Coast Remodelers’ Mark Albano visited my home after I had made inquiry about insulating our house.  Mark inspected our home and recommended several new windows as a partial remedy.  Though dubious, I listened to his explanation and understood the logic.  Three new windows were installed and they replaced old, original ones.  The improvement of the new windows restored my home giving it a new look as well as adding to its value and beauty.  Every representative of Sun Coast Remodelers was knowledgeable, exceedingly patient and competent.  Over the years many workmen have been hired both in my home and business.  The Sun Coast Remodelers’ workmen who installed the windows were amazing, a work I seldom use.  They were immaculate, courteous, and professional.  The installation was complete in a few hours and they left the premises in perfect condition.  We pay cash so when we have another surplus we intend to have more window modernization.  Obviously, we will call Sun Coast.  (Mark, I sincerely believe you guys do a great job)

Miles Goodman



Just a note to let you know that I very much appreciated the job that your team did for us.  The work was very professionally done, your team did a good job of cleaning up the grounds each day and the work was done quickly and well.  I especially appreciated the fact that you were willing to work with me within the budget that was comfortable for me, but also I valued the suggestions by your team that caused us to go a little further than originally planned but in the end enhanced the look of the house substantially.  While I don’t know when I will call on your services again, I know I will. 


Peter Hanson


Dear Scott,

I just want to go on record and say, your crew blew me away.  They far exceeded my highest expectations.  As you know the reason I had you do my home was because I watched your guys do my next door neighbor’s house.  However, I had forgotten what a truly outstanding job you did.  My wife and I are remarking all day long how glad we are that we chose your company over the others who gave us estimates.  I have been a homeowner for over 50 years and can’t recall a single time where I saw so much pride in workmanship as with your crew.  Please thank them for us. Scott, feel free to give our name and number to any prospective clients and we will be happy to tell them just how good your company really is. 


Mike Sahdala


Mr. Scott Janson spent over a year remodeling our house from top to bottom—floors, tile, electrical, outside stucco wall, fixtures, and built on an entire full bathroom and 2 car garage.  We can’t even begin to say how much we appreciate everything he did to transform the house we bought into the showcase that it is now.  He was, without a doubt, an absolute pleasure to work with—he had wonderful ideas to add to ours.  With the tiling of our floors, bathrooms, kitchen countertops and fireplace, he never did the absolute minimum—he always added some “pizzazz” to the design to make it special.  Scott became like a part of our family during and we still keep in touch today.  We would highly recommend him for any construction or remodeling job that would come his way.

Bob & Vicki Saxon



About a year ago I learned that the Roof Support Beams on my house were in bad repair and needed to be replaced.  I had gotten one estimate and it was beyond my reach at the time.  By chance, I learned of SUN COAST REMODELERS and mentioned that I needed the Roof Support Beams replaced.  An appointment was made for me to have an inspection and a Project Manager, Adam M., came out and not only inspected the support beams but also the roof.  He told me that the roof did not need replacing at this time, and so I mentioned the driveway which was cracking.  He worked up an estimate for both jobs and I found it to be reasonable.  I appreciated his honesty and the presentation he gave me about the company.  I decided to go ahead and have the Roof Support Beams replaced and also the driveway redone.  The support beams were done to perfection matching my house trim and within a day the driveway was started. NO DELAYS.  Scott Janson, President of the company, came out many times and overseen the job being done.  All the men of his crew were courteous, neat and thoughtful of my welfare while this work was being done.  I recommend highly this company for anyone who needs repair or replacing on the home in any area.



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